BoxLeaders WordPress Plugin v1.0

We are pleased to announce that our WordPress shortcode plugin is now available for download!

Our shortcode plugin makes adding your leaderboards to your WordPress site as simple as it can possibly be. Just download the plugin zip file, upload to your WordPress site, and activate.

You can then grab the shortcode for the leaderboards you want to display from that leaderboard’s page on your admin dashboard, and paste it into any page or post.

The plugin and full instructions on usage are available on our downloads page.

New Features Added

We’re excited to tell you about several new features we’ve just added to the site.

  • Paid accounts can now add custom WODs, which can be kept private or shared with the community at large.
  • Leaderboard viewers can click through to display the full leaderboard. What this means is that even if you only display, say, the top 5 scores on any workout, viewers can click through to see everyone who placed on the leaderboard.
  • Clicking through to view the full leaderboard (above) includes the box/gym information.

More features are on the way, including the WordPress plugin for simplifying the addition and display of leaderboards on WordPress-based sites. Stay tuned!

Just Added: “Kalsu”

We’ve just added “Kalsu” to the list of Hero WODs available on BoxLeaders. If you’ve never tried Kalsu, The Wod Life calls it, “the best/worst WOD you’ll ever do.

Kalsu is a Hero WOD honoring Robert James “Bob” Kalsu (4/13/1945 – 7/21/1970), a former pro football player who left his football career behind to serve in the Vietnam war.

For the uninitiated, “Kalsu” starts with 5 burpees, then as many 135/85 pound (61/38 kg) thrusters as you can complete in that minute. At the top of each minute thereafter, you complete 5 burpees, and finish with as many thrusters as possible, until you reach 100 reps of thrusters.

As a friend of ours might say, “that’s some bulls**t, man,” right before diving in and doing the workout.

There are variations of Kalsu, including a “Light Kalsu,” comprising 3 burpees and 95/65 lbs (43/29 kg) thrusters; “Rob Orlando’s Kalsu” which is 5 burpees, and 225 lbs (102 kg) power cleans, with a time cap of 20 minutes; and a “Strongman Kalsu,” comprising 3 burpees and max rep tire flips with a time cap of 30 minutes.

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