Just Added: “Kalsu”

Bob Kalsu

We’ve just added “Kalsu” to the list of Hero WODs available on BoxLeaders. If you’ve never tried Kalsu, The Wod Life calls it, “the best/worst WOD you’ll ever do.

Kalsu is a Hero WOD honoring Robert James “Bob” Kalsu (4/13/1945 – 7/21/1970), a former pro football player who left his football career behind to serve in the Vietnam war.

For the uninitiated, “Kalsu” starts with 5 burpees, then as many 135/85 pound (61/38 kg) thrusters as you can complete in that minute. At the top of each minute thereafter, you complete 5 burpees, and finish with as many thrusters as possible, until you reach 100 reps of thrusters.

As a friend of ours might say, “that’s some bulls**t, man,” right before diving in and doing the workout.

There are variations of Kalsu, including a “Light Kalsu,” comprising 3 burpees and 95/65 lbs (43/29 kg) thrusters; “Rob Orlando’s Kalsu” which is 5 burpees, and 225 lbs (102 kg) power cleans, with a time cap of 20 minutes; and a “Strongman Kalsu,” comprising 3 burpees and max rep tire flips with a time cap of 30 minutes.

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