BoxLeaders QuickStart

Step 1: Add Some Athletes

  1. From your Account home page, click "Edit Athletes."
  2. If you haven't done this step before, you'll see the "Add an Athlete" button on the left. You'll also see "Add Athletes" on the right. This button will always be there so you can add more athletes in the future.
  3. Click "Add an Athlete"
    • You can add individual athletes by entering their first/last names and selecting their gender. Click "Save Athlete".
    • You can also import a CSV file of athletes. Follow the instructions on the page to create your CSV and upload to add athletes in bulk.

Step 2: Assign PRs to Your Athletes

  1. Before you can create leaderboards, you have to assign PRs to the athletes. If you add a single Athlete, you'll see "This athlete has no PRs! Tell him (or her) to get busy!" Or you can add a PR by clicking "Add a PR" for that Athlete.
    • Select the WOD in which the athlete PR'd
    • Enter the PR date
    • Enter the PR score.
      • Enter weights in decimal format (ex: 105.00 or 255.50)
      • Enter time in hh:mm:ss format (ex: 00:15:32)
      • Enter reps in whole numbers (ex: 32)
      • Enter rounds + reps as such (ex: 3+25)
      • Enter mixed as time/rounds, time/reps, etc. (ex: 00:03:23/105)
    • Click "Save PR"

Step 3: Generate Your Leaderboards

  1. Once your athletes have PRs, you can add leaderboards. From your Account page, click "Add New Leaderboard" to begin.
    • Select a WOD from the dropdown
    • Select a gender (male or female)
    • Enter the number of athletes to show on the leaderboard (ex: 5)
    • If you want to save the leaderboard, check "Save to Account"—otherwise the leaderboard will be generated but not saved.
    • Click "Go!" to generate the leaderboard

Step 4: Grab Your Embed Codes for Your Web Site

  1. When you generate a new leaderboard, or view the details of an existing leaderboard, you will see three code snippets:
    1. A script snippet to add to your web site's footer
    2. A leaderboard-specific HTML snippet to display that particular leaderboard
    3. And a WordPress shortcode snippet for use with our WordPress plugin
  2. Copy the relevant snippets and paste them into your site as directed.
  3. Enjoy your embedded leaderboards!

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